Secure Your WiFi

Capital IT

If you have a smartphone, laptop, smart TV or tablet in your home, it is very likely that you also have a wireless router to connect these devices to your Internet service.

In order to connect to the router, often times people will broadcast the name of the wireless signal from their router so that devices can easily be connected.  This signal is sometimes left open for anyone to use.

It is important to make sure that your wireless network is setup with a password to prevent unwanted visitors from getting onto your network.


The latest wireless technology allows our home wireless signals to be stronger than ever.  However, this means that other people can see your network from further distances.  This increases the likelihood that an intruder will utilize your Internet connection without your permission.

Once they gain access through your network, these intruders can steal personal information or commit malicious acts such as illegal file downloads. This activity could even be traced back to the IP address associated with the wireless router used in your home.


Each month you pay your bill to receive a certain amount of bandwidth at your home at any given time.   Now imagine that your neighbor is using a large portion of that bandwidth for free!  If they are streaming HD movies or have multiple devices connected to your network, it could really slow down your connection for what you are trying to get accomplished on the Internet.

Feel free to give our TechTeam a call if you are not sure if your router is secured, or if you have more questions about this topic.  Our TechTeam can help you:

  1. Check to see if your wireless network is properly secured.
  2. Secure your wireless network with a password so that others cannot easily access your Internet connection.
  3. Hide your SSID (network name) so that others cannot even see that you have a wireless network.
  4. Change your default router administration passwords so that others cannot easily hack into your router.

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