our hardware

Desktop Computers

Our desktop solutions include pre-built or custom solutions assembled in-house, and under warranty.


Our workstations are designed to be used with CAD programs as well as rendering intensive operations like video editing or animation

Mobile Phones and Tablets

Our mobility section includes a large range of mobile devices and tablets, we also offer managed solutions for your mobile workforce.


We have a variety of laptops that are designed to serve different functions, from entry level to top of the range.

POS and Industrial Equipment

Our POS and industrial equipment cover various industries from restaurants and shops to factories and warehouses.

Peripherals and Accessories

With so many components to choose from, we cover it all, from cabling to monitors, keyboards and external hard drives.

our software

Security Software

Protect yourselves from viruses, malware, randsomware and more. Our security software options are your companies last line of defense.

Microsoft Packages

Partnering with Microsoft allows us to provide packages ranging from Windows 10 to Microsoft 365 and more.

Mobility Software

Our mobility software allow for seamless integration between PC’s and mobile devices, allowing you to connect and share information efficiently.

Accounting Software

Our accounting software includes Pastel, Palladium and more. We have integration systems ready to get you more efficient and a click of a button.

CAD Software

Our CAD solutions include software from Dassalt Systems, Autodest and many more.

Industrial Software

Our industrial software include solutions for POS, WMS, CRM and ERP systems.

our communication systems

VoIP Systems

Our VoIP systems are highly stable and easy to manage. Our VoIP systems offer highly cost effective methods of communications.

Call Center Equipment

We supply high quality call center equipment from Yealink, Snom, Incom and much more.

PBX Systems

Our traditional PBX systems are a great way to upgrade or grow your current telephone system.

Switchboard Systems

Our switchboard systems provide your company with a professional service to redirect calls internally.

our consumables

Ink and Toner Cartridges

Our inks and toners are 100% genuine and compatible with your equipment.

Till Roles and Thermal Paper

Our till rolls and thermal paper comes in many sizes and formats and there is no minimum order quantity.

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