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Cloud Computing

Our cloud computing solutions offer offsite computational performance upgrades.

Performance Tracking

Weekly or monthly reports allow your managers to accurately manage their resources.

Ticketing Systems

Ticketing systems allow us to remotely manage the performance of you IT department, while making them more efficient.

Communication Systems

We understand that communication system up-time is absolutely crucial to your business, and we will ensure that all standards are met.

consulting areas

IT Scaling and Upgrading

Whether you are looking at growing your company’s infrastructure or looking to upgrade your hardware, we can show you how.

Department Training

Group training of the IT department, to better equip the team for training the rest of the staff.

User Training

One on one training at your offices, on topics ranging from basic PC operation to Microsoft 365 capabilities.

ITC Infrastructure and Architecture

Capital IT will design and develop your IT architecture in conjunction with your IT department.

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