our server solutions

Server Hardware

Our on-prem and data-center server hardware is of the highest quality ensuring maximum uptime.

Network Design and Installation

Our network engineers and system technicians are highly trained and ready to implement your solution.

Installation and Configuration

Our server admins and technicians are experienced in micro and industrial setups used by banks in South Africa.

User Managment

Controlling what users can access on your network is a vital part of a servers integration to your company.

our cloud and backup solutions

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing allows for performance enhancements directly from the cloud.

Onsite Backups

Onsite backups allow for low latency data retrieval, and the security of data management.

Cloud Hosted PBX

Our cloud hosted business PBX system is taking SA by storm, with easy installations and low costs with high functionality and 99.99% up time.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure allows us to preform server virtualization, disaster recovery to AD control and a host of more functions.

Cloud Backups

Our cloud backup solutions are the most secure backup for users and servers.

Backup Managment

Our technicians will schedule backups and manage your backups remotely.

Cloud Hosted Software

From Microsoft 365 to various accounting solutions, your applications are secure in the cloud, with access from anywhere in the world.

Amazon Web Services

Capital ITC uses AWS primarily for web hosting our clients sites. It is highly customizable and flexible to your changing needs.

our security solutions


A firewall is the first line of defense for your IT security, hackers, viruses and more.

Antivirus Software

Antivirus software is the last line of defense on the users computer from viruses, malware and more.

Access Systems

Our physical access systems include biometric scanners, card access and more.

VPN Systems

Our virtual private networks are designed to keep your company operating in a highly secure environment.

Authentication Systems

From two factor authentication systems for your organisations computers to biometric scanners and card readers.

CCTV Systems

Our CCTV solutions allow for a wide variety of permutations including the latest technology.

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